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In order to offer you personnalized challenges, we must know your individual profile and habits. Therefore, we collect in game personal data that is used to adapt the content you see.

EGREEN is committed to protecting your personal data and keeping it for strict use: helping you reduce your environmental footprint.

If it's free, you are the product ?

You must have heard this sentence before about the Web companies leaders. Personal data in MidowTopia are not collected for advertising or marketing purposes.
The game has been developed on EGREEN own funds after a project financed by by the European Commission, without any investment fund or monetization goal.



How does EGREEN make money then ?


EGREEN earns money by helping its professional clients reducing their environmental footprint. Our business model is B to B to C, which means we work with companies and public bodies.

We have 3 goals with MidowTopia:
    - contribute on our scale to a zero-carbon transition
    - spread gaming applied to behaviour changes for sustainable development
    - make our expertise to realize projects with companies or public bodies according to their specificities better known.



You trust MidowTopia to be an ideal solution to help your company or your city save money and energy, water or any other, and to reduce its environmental footprint ? Contact us !

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