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At the origin of MidowTopia are two strong convictions:

1) It is necessary to change our individual behaviours to succeed in our zero-carbon transition and fight against global warming.

2) Games and social interactions are persuasive levers which can be a real solution to change our habits.

From these convictions was born the European project GreenPlay imagined by EGREEN and carried out with various academic and private partners: the ESTIA, the University of Budapest BME, Euroquality and EnergyLab.


This 3-year project, funded by the European Commission, allowed the development and experimentation of a solution called Apolis Planeta which laid the theoretical and technical foundations of this game.


After this project and its results, EGREEN decided to take over the development in order to create the first free game for the general public to raise knowledge of eco-responsible behaviours.


Reduction of environmental footprint and persuasive impact of gaming on behaviour changes : the concepts of MidowTopia are synthesized in the following TED Talk by the founder of EGREEN.

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